Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Reveals Four-monster Synthesis and New Story Details

Square Enix has released new details about Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, which reveal four-monster synthesis and a peek at the early story of the game.

Check out the Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince details below:

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince – Create Rare Creatures with Four-Monster Synthesis!

It’s called “four-monster synthesis” and requires a little long-term planning, with players needing to keep track of a monster’s grandparents. Finding these four-monster combinations could prove decisive in battles against other monster wranglers.

Four-monster synthesis creates a new monster based not on the parents, but on the child monster’s grandparents. If the four grandparent monsters meet the requirements, they can combine to create a rare monster regardless of what the child’s parents are.

dragon quest monsters the dark prince four monster synthesis

This four-monster synthesis uses two Canniboxes, a Well Wisher, and a Bag o’ Tricks—all monsters from the material family—which combine via their offspring to create a mimic.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince – New Story Information

Our adventure begins in the town of Rosehill, where monsters and dwarfs live in harmony. Psaro has been cursed by his father, the Master of Monsterkind, and is unable to harm any creature of monster blood. So to achieve his goal of ruling over the monster realm, Psaro must become a monster wrangler, befriending monsters and commanding them to fight in his stead.

While still in Rosehill, Monty, a father figure to Psaro, will ask a series of questions that will determine which of a selection of four monsters you’ll start your adventure with. If you don’t get the monster you want the first time, fear not, as you can simply start the questions over.

dragon quest monsters the dark prince starting quiz

Monsters You Can Start With

A scheming monster from the beast family. The Naturalist talent provides it with abilities to weaken opponents.

Fright Bulb
A plant-like monster from the slime family. The Soothesayer talent enables it to cast a variety of healing and support spells.

Mud Mannequin
A monster in the material family that’s made of mud. It can learn a range of dances from the Dancer talent.

An animated vegetable from the nature family. The Blowy Slasher talent teaches it wind-elemental spells and abilities.

Before Psaro can become a fully-fledged monster wrangler, he needs training, and that’s where Fizzy comes in. Listen to her words of wisdom as you traverse the plains of the human world, fighting the local monsters and gaining valuable experience.

dragon quest monsters the dark prince fizzy

Rose possesses a special ability that enables Psaro to reach the monster realm of Nadiria. The first place the pair visit is the lower echelon of the Circle of Conquest, where monsters from the demon and undead families run amok. In the distance looms an ominous building, the Maulosseum, where Nadiria’s greatest monster wranglers congregate to do battle. Does Psaro have the mettle to compete with monsterkind’s best?

dragon quest monsters the dark prince mausoleum

When you return to Rosehill after conquering Category G at the Maulosseum, you’ll gain access to the Altar of Amalgamation where monster synthesis takes place. From there, you can use the Reverse Search feature to find monsters you’ve yet to encounter in the wild and discover the combinations needed to synthesize them. Keep this handy feature in mind when you’re looking to grow your roster.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, the latest entry in the Dragon Quest Monsters series, is launching on December 1, 2023, for Nintendo Switch.

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