Cheaters will be duking it out against fellow cheaters in the latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

What’s the best way to go about disciplining cheaters? Ban them from the game? Do nothing? Or how about something as simple as having them just play with each other to find out who the best cheater is?

The official Twitter account of Infinity Ward bared the news in the face of the increasing number of cheaters in the game, saying that it has implemented measures such as matchmaking them with each other:

It’s a stroke of brilliance, actually. Let them fight and cheat their way against other cheaters and may the best one win.

Not stopping there, Infinity Ward is also increasing their backend and enforcement resources to combat this plague. Soon, a report a player functionality will be implemented into the killcam and spectate modes to make reporting cheaters easier.

It would actually be an interesting sight to see all of these aimbots battling it out to gain that top battle royale spot, wouldn’t you agree?

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