Honkai Star Rail v2.2 Update Adds Robin and Boothill, Coming May 8

HoYoverse has announced that Honkai Star Rail‘s version 2.2 update, entitled “Then Wake to Weep,” is scheduled to arrive on May 8, and will add both Robin and Boothill as playable characters.

Robin is a 5-star character who seamlessly weaves her melodies in combat, providing invaluable support and buffs to all allies. When she unleashes her Ultimate, Robin belts out a morale-boosting number and enters a performative state. In this state, all allies gain the ability to act once more immediately, accompanied by enhanced buffs.

Moreover, while her Ultimate is active, Robin inflicts additional damage on the enemy after each ally attack. Notably, she remains impervious to crowd control debuffs throughout.

honkai star rail robin

Boothill is another 5-star character who follows a unique combat philosophy, engaging in duels with a single enemy. During these duels, Boothill taunts his opponent, and both parties suffer increased damage from each other. When Boothill unleashes his Ultimate, he not only inflicts Physical Weakness on his target but also deals significant damage and postpones their actions.

honkai star rail boothill

The Honkai Star Rail v2.2 Update will also include a new special opponent in “Harmonious Choir” The Great Septimus, new dreamscapes like Dreamflux Reef, and new activities.

Honkai Star Rail’s 2.2’s Warp Event will also allow players to re-acquire the limited 5-star characters Topaz & Numby and the esteemed Master Diviner Fu Xuan.

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