Charess Stuns With a Fiery Stellar Blade Cosplay

Stellar Blade is now available worldwide, and everybody is finally going to get the chance to take Eve on a thrilling adventure to save Earth against the Naytibas. Various launch events are happening throughout the region, and here in the Philippines, the celebration continues as well-known Filipina cosplayer Charess showcases her next project, Eve.

Charess as Eve from Stellar Blade

Making the announcement on Facebook, she says this is her first-ever collaboration with PlayStation Asia, as she takes on the 7th Airborne Squad warrior sent to earth to vanquish the Naytibas.

Her team for this shoot consists of moepix (photo), Solibeau (costume), Peruxia (wig), and Gelo Grayson (sword and clips).

Check out some of the photos from the shoot below, all taken from her Facebook Page (which you should like, by the way!):

Charess has also done some other fantastic cosplays, such as Ciri from The Witcher 3Viper from VALORANTYor from Spy x Family, and Caitlyn from Arcane.

Other Southeast Asian countries have also tapped famous personalities like Larissa Rochefort, Le Josette, Ruru, and more to cosplay as Stellar Blade protagonist, Eve, to bolster marketing efforts for the game.

Stellar Blade is now available for PS5.

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