A 2TB PlayStation 5 unit could cost about $700 if an Amazon UK listing is to be believed

A PS5 listing on Amazon UK has made some waves, particularly because of the fact that it has put a price to the upcoming next gen console, and a rather expensive one at that.

As can be seen from deals guy Wario64 on Twitter (taken from hotukdeals), a 2TB placeholder listing puts the unit at 599.99 Euros, which converts to nearly PHP35,000. That seems to be VERY expensive, even for a 2TB unit. While it could be argued that almost everyone is buying flagship phones at even double the price, it’s still expensive for consoles.

With all the talk of the new technology, and with Jim Ryan saying that the PS5 will provide the best possible value, one could argue that the reasonable price would be around $500 or PHP25,000, which would be a safe guess, but being more expensive is not yet out of the question.

Also, there’s been no indication as of late that the PS5 will be releasing a 2TB unit, in fact it’s been reported that it will carry an 825GB SSD. 2TB SSD’s in general are still very pricey, which lends reason to the point that the listing on Amazon UK is probably nothing more than just a temporary placeholder which will be updated once more details about the PS5 come in.

We’re pressing X for this rumor.

Will we know the price of the system come the PS5 event tomorrow? I wouldn’t count on it. In fact, if the Sony statement holds true and they don’t pop any surprises, all we will be seeing tomorrow should be games, games, and more games. The console reveal will most likely happen at another presentation, but hopefully we get a glimpse of it during the event at the very least.

How much are you willing to pay for your next generation consoles?

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