Publisher 505 Games releases a statement regarding the Indivisible surprise launch

Indivisible is out now on the Nintendo Switch, but it released to quite an unusual circumstance.

It appears that as the eShop entry went live, it was such a surprise to everybody that even the developers didn’t know about it, prompting a Twitter thread from Mike Zaimont, project lead for the game.

505 Games, the publisher for Indivisible, has now broken their silence about the matter, stating that the 28th was indeed the original launch date and was approved by all parties. A decision to delay the game was made but the new release date was not updated in the release tool.

The remaining features, which are not present in the current build, will be addressed by a patch and will include the following:

  • In-game Roti unlocked for everyone
  • Toggle for 30 FPS/unlocked – The game currently defaults to Unlocked.
  • More GPU/CPU optimizations
  • Fixes for sprite lighting/sprites appearing oddly
  • Support for 1080p when docked (currently 720p docked/undocked)

Indiegogo backers have been reassured by 505 that their benefits will be fulfilled and announcements will be made as they are available.

You can read the full statement below from 505 Games:

Hey, everyone. Some updated info on yesterday’s surprise Switch Launch.

April 28th was the original launch date for Indivisible on Switch. The build had passed QA and submission checks and was approved for release by all parties. Everything was set to automatically go live on that date. The build released was the planned launch build of the game. 

A decision was made to delay the launch to early May to allow for a Day 1 update. This update will add a framerate toggle option, 1080 docked support, Roti, performance updates and localization changes when it goes live in May.

Unfortunately, the new launch date did not get changed within the release tool. This resulted in the game going live yesterday to the surprise of everyone involved, including 505 Games.

The early launch does have an impact on Indiegogo backers who have not yet received their digital keys. We are working to fulfill those keys as quickly as possible and have them distributed via BackerKit surveys. We are working to deliver keys earlier than our planned May launch date. An announcement will be made when keys are being distributed. 

Backers of the physical version will get an opportunity to update their shipping address shortly. We expect 1-2 months delay due to manufacturing and shipping delays worldwide. Please check Indiegogo updates for more info.  

We apologize for the suddenness of the launch and the impact it has on the game’s backers.

Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy Indivisible a bit earlier than expected on Switch!

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