With no waypoints, Ghost of Tsushima players will have to rely on their knowledge of the world

The latest issue from OPM UK has spilled a couple of juicy tidbits on Ghost of Tsushima, mainly pointing towards a lot of gameplay and story details.

In a report by Twisted Voxel, the details can be summarized in a number of bullet points but most interestingly, a mechanic similar to Assassins Creed Odyssey is employed where the map waypoints will be disabled for a fuller and deeper immersion of the world, forcing players to explore the world.

The game begins with an attack on the Island of Tsushima from the invading Mongol empire

The Island of Tsushima has to be explored without waypoints to guide the player

Players will need to use their knowledge of the world and landmarks to explore and discover locations

The story will pass as the player will explore the world. Titles will tell how much time has passed since the invasion

Enemy blood can be spilled with quick iaijutsu strikes

It is possible to roam around enemy camps undetected using the grappling hook

Jin can use gadgets like a sticky arrow and firebomb

There will be many allies as side-characters. The strength of their bond depends on the player’s choice.

Another interesting gameplay detail is how much freedom the player will have to forge bonds with other characters. Depending on the protagonists response to certain situations, some allies may choose to turn against you if you aren’t careful with your actions.

Ghost of Tsushima is expected to release on June 26, pending any delays from the current COVID-19 situation. A collectors edition has been revealed as well, which is looking like a package worthy of a Ghost… from Tsushima.

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