Was Gran Turismo 7 just leaked on Instagram?

We don’t know much yet about the PS5 since Sony has been very secretive regarding their next generation console but it seems that other companies are doing the leaking themselves.

Gran Turismo 7, a PlayStation 5 exclusive racing game, looks to have been leaked by Australian racing cockpit manufacturer Next Level Racing via their Instagram account.

In a now deleted post, Next Level Racing asked which racing game the audience was looking forward to the most in 2020, with 4 racing game logos laid out in the center – AMS2, F1 2020, GT7, and Dirt 5.

Check out the screencap below:

As of this writing, their Facebook Page still has the post up:


Gran Turismo 7 has not received an official announcement yet but this leak seems to have blown the lid open on the game, putting it in a 2020 launch window and possibly a launch title to go along with the PS5. There has been no official announcement yet and unlike the October PS5 release date leak which Sony has quickly dismissed, we’ve yet to receive the same dismissal from Sony… Unless GT7 is indeed coming later this year.

The Instagram post is not an official Sony posting so for now, a copious amount of salt is required but it’s not wrong to hope for Gran Turismo 7 to be a launch title for the PS5.

In the mean time, we wait (again), for Sony to blow us all away with their full PS5 reveal.

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