KFConsole announced, promises true 4K and 120FPS

A new challenger in the console scene has emerged, promising true 4K and 120FPS.

And it can probably cook chicken that’s finger licking good.

Introducing the KFConsole, as revealed by Twitter account KFC Gaming, check it out below:


With the next generation of games pushing technology to its limits, the Series X and PlayStation 5 have committed to solving overheating problems but the KFConsole takes this and, with their so called “Chicken Chamber”, uses the heat to, well, probably cook some good chicken at the same time.

Oh, and it has cross platform capability, whatever that means. We’re venturing a guess that 4K means 4 Kilos of Chicken and 120FPS is most likely (wing) flaps per second. Impressive numbers.

Towards the end of the video, we see a November 12 date plastered across the screen. As to what it is, we have yet to find out.

When asked for exclusive games, KFC Gaming had this to say:

Of course, this is a joke (OR IS IT?), and it’s great to see some brands poking good hearted fun at the next generation consoles. We’d love to see more of it, actually! Enough of the toxic console wars!

Event the Xbox Twitter account is joining in on the fun, asking some hard hitting questions:

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