The Last of Us 2 aggregate review score sits at 96, tagged as a Metacritic must play

The Last of Us 2 will officially launch on June 19, less than a week from today and as of yesterday June 12, the global embargo for reviews were lifted. The response? An overwhelming 96 over at Metacritic based on 86 critic reviews.

That’s saying something, despite of the various issues that have plagued the game and Naughty Dog prior to release.

The Last of Us 2 is enjoying various perfect ratings from multiple media outlets, with some even calling it “The greatest game of this console generation”.

Game Rant gives it a perfect score, saying that “In the end, it really comes down to the experience of playing The Last of Us Part 2 – of jumping into these characters’ shoes and confronting a world that feels both foreign and oddly familiar. In that regard, the game is in a league all its own and there are simply too many adjectives to describe the range of emotions that the game will make players feel, and many of those emotions are not positive ones.”

VG247 also scores it perfectly, saying “When the credits rolled on The Last of Us Part 2 I was still buzzing from the excitement of the final few hours. My loyalty shifted between characters. I grew to love who I hated and dislike who I loved. I laughed, I teared up. I felt anger and elation. It’s the new high water mark for video game characters and I can’t wait for everyone to see just how special it is. As soon as it ended, I booted up New Game Plus and I’m experiencing it again with my eyes open, the context of the finished story imprinting new meaning into those early scenes and characters. I’m not swiping in the dark anymore.”

Eurogamer Italy gives another perfect, saying that “It’s useless to beat around the bush: The Last of Us Part II sets a new all-around quality standard for triple A videogames: balanced in all its elements, it’s a game capable of amusing, disturbing and making people think. This is not a game suitable for everyone, for its genre and the topics covered, but it has the potential to easily reach and overcome the prequel in its role as a milestone in the evolution of this incredible, exceptional medium.”

VGC also gives it a perfect grade, saying “Naughty Dog has taken everything to the limit to create The Last of Us 2 – the PS4, its design template, and its staff. In some respects, it’s gone too far, but the results are undeniably spectacular, and this is the studio’s best game yet.”

Easy Allies gives it a 95, saying “The Last of Us Part II presents an absolutely crucial and challenging narrative about love and hate. Characters have convincing motivations that leave you thinking about more than what’s in front of you. The places it takes you to are awe-inspiring to explore, with unrivaled attention to detail, and although the combat is somewhat forgiving, it remains thrilling throughout much of the harrowing journey. The Last of Us Part II leaves a deep, emotional impact, and this unforgettable continuation should not be missed.”

We also reviewed the game and gave it our Editor’s choice award, saying that “The Last of Us Part II is a triumph. Despite all the challenges, the game is strong enough to shrug it off and matter where it needs to the most. It’s not the most mechanically challenging or scariest game out there because it doesn’t need to be, instead it grips you in ways that you don’t really expect. Whether it be in the small details of the world or in its narrative twists, The Last of Us Part II is an experience that exceeds expectations.

Although there are also a number of outfits that did not like the game at all, the majority consensus is that Naughty Dog’s latest offering is one that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Have you already pre-ordered your copy of The Last of Us 2? You’ve got less than a week!

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