Club Audition Mobile is now available!

The highly popular multiplayer rhythm dancing game Club Audition is now on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store as Club Audition Mobile. The mobile version offers trendy songs to dance to as well as hottest fashion styles to fully customize avatars.

Club Audition follows a modern world setting with 3 special modes – Bubbles, Beat, and Classic. There are also 5 game modes to choose from, each offering a unique experience whether it be to pay with or against each other.

In addition, you can show-off your dance movies with real-time battles. Such as:

  • Dance Battle – With a maximum of 6 players, challenge everyone in the room and choose a song. Make sure to aim for the highest score!
  • Couple Dance – Challenge other couples in the game or team up with a partner after hitting 5 Perfects!
  • Bubble Pang – Follow the Bubbles! Track and click the random bubbles on the screen.
  • Club Dance – Here’s a 2v2 special mode. Find your match and become a couple after the game.
  • Battle Party – How will 4 Players vs an NPC fare? Bring out the best in your team to beat the NPC.
  • FAM Battle Party Club – Pit 4 guild members vs the NPC. Receive big rewards after defeating the NPC.
  • Classic – The ultimate challenge to win and become the best Club Audition player.
  • Beat up – Match the beat and click the buttons once it reaches the middle.

What’s a club though without friends, fam, and even a partner. You can find the right match and team up by getting married and build a FAM.

Game requirements:

For Android OS users:

  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Installation file size: 2GB
  • Internal storage available: 2 GB
  • Processor: Quad Core
  • OS: Android 8 and above

For Apple OS users:

  • Device: iPhone 6 and above
  • Version: iOS 10

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