G4TV and X-Play may return in 2021

Remember G4TV and X-Play? Those magical shows that would bring us all the latest gaming news from way back? Well it seems that they “never stopped playing”, as both Twitter accounts suddenly lit up and teased a possible return in 2021 during IGN’s Comic-Con@Home event.

While no further details can be seen from the videos above, esports consultant Rod Breslau spilled the beans on the whole thing, stating from a source that G4TV will indeed be making a comeback with Comcast as its backer and will be a web-based and focused effort.

Now whether any of the personalities involved here will return – like Kevin Pereira or Olivia Munn from Attack of the Show, or Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb from X-Play – is still unknown, there is at least a small possibility. Pereira himself said that he was very interested in what was going on and on the other hand, Sessler did not expect to see any of that and was caught by surprise.

We hope to see more news about this soon but it would also be interesting how they will fit in with the current landscape of games media.

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