Game Retailer claims that a PlayStation 5 announcement may happen soon

The announcement wars may indeed be well underway. With multiple leaks earlier today about the next generation offerings from Microsoft that led to an official announcement of the Xbox Series S, Sony may be gearing up next in preparation for their 25th anniversary.

If a now deleted tweet is to be believed, an announcement of some sort may be scheduled tomorrow. GAME, specifically through their GAME Guildford account, is a UK games retailer that tweeted out to their follower base to “standby for updates” as “PS5 have scheduled an announcement tomorrow”. The evidence has been saved once again by the folks at ResetEra.

Whether this “announcement” proves to be true or not, it would be safe to say that the announcements from Microsoft may have ruffled some feathers here and there, prompting the possibility of an exchange that we’ve been waiting on for quite a while now with 2 months to go before the eventual release.

Will this week be the week where pre-orders (and pricing) will finally be revealed? We’re waiting patiently for an announcement from Sony.

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