Here’s your first look at Tom Holland as Nathan Drake

We haven’t been hearing a lot about the upcoming Uncharted Movie and how it’s been doing but alas, swinging in to the rescue ala Nathan Drake is none other than Tom Holland himself, Mr. spoiler alert, as he shares a first look at a younger Drake that will be taking center stage for the film.

All dressed up and ready to go, peek the Sic Parvis Magna ring around his neck too!

Nolan North, the voice behind the iconic Nathan Drake, has given his seal of approval and is mighty proud of Tom Holland to be “continuing the Drake” legacy, sharing a couple of set photos as well.

Video game to movie translations tend to be not the experience fans would hope it to be but based on these images alone, things are looking pretty good for the Uncharted movie, with Mark Wahlberg taking the role of a young Sully.

The Uncharted Movie is scheduled to make its release in 2021.

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