Ghost of Tsushima update will let you pet and recruit dogs

On October 16, Ghost of Tsushima will have a huge version 1.1 update that will add the ‘Legends’ coop mode and a host of other features. One of them is New Game+, which carries a new item called the Charm of Canine Recruitment that will let you pet enemy dogs. Yep, Ghost of Tsushima will let you pet the dogs and recruit them to fight alongside you. Boop the snoot, if you will.

This detail was revealed by Sucker Punch via Twitter, which also shows that you can also pet the spirit dogs in the Legends coop mode.

You can only pet the Foxes prior to this, so the game is technically 100% better now. Surely Ghost of Tsushima: Doggos will game of the year now?

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