Sega’s 60th Anniversary Celebration offers up free Steam games for a limited time only

Fall Guys recently got a Sonic costume and as a continuation of Sega’s 60th anniversary celebration, they’re giving away a number of free games on Steam for a limited time, so it would be best if you don’t miss any of these offers!

First up is the Yakuza x Streets of Rage 2 game entitled Streets of Kamurocho that will be coming to the PC and will be available for a limited time only from October 17-19. Yakuza in 16-bit beat ’em up goodness? For sure!

Next up is Golden Axed, which is a cancelled prototype from Sega Studios Australia, as they were working on a slew of 2.5D reboots of classics like Golden Axe and Altered Beast before they closed down. It’s described to be janky and buggy, but that’s really what prototypes are. And its free, but it will only be available on October 18!

Endless Zone is another game on the list that gets the free treatment. Available from October 16-19, Endless Zone sees Opbot and his “attempt to flee the Mezari empire, escape the tendrils of the Unfallen, avoid getting eaten by Cravers, and find a way out of a temporary breach into the Riftborn universe!”

Lastly, we have Armor of Heroes, which is a top down multiplayer game featuring tanks and elements from the Company of Heroes series. The game will be available from October 15-19 only.

Oh, hey, you know what? Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is free as well but only until October 20!

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