Sega could be making a Dreamcast Mini next

After the Sega Astro City Mini and the Game Gear Micro, Sega could be making a Dreamcast Mini next, making a LOT of fans happy.

Coming from a report by Siliconera, Sega’s Creative Producer Yosuke Okunari was talking about the future of the mini consoles and which one they should make next.

Okunari says that they are considering “everything that has been imagined by everyone,” but at the same time “also thinking about projects that nobody has imagined.”

When asked about what the next one could be, Okunari answered that “I think for the next one, we may go with a concept close to the Mega Drive Mini. If I have to say some names, it could be an SG-1000 Mini or a Dreamcast Mini…”

sega dreamcast console

Gamers loved the Dreamcast for titles like Space Channel 5, Jet Set Radio, and Skies of Arcadia, and a Sega Dreamcast Mini would surely sell out.

With that said, Okunari suggests that it won’t come anytime soon if the project pushes through, saying that “When we do the next one, I feel like the project scope will be much bigger as we gaze upon the world. So we won’t be able to release it at this time the next year or two years after the Mega Drive Mini. We can’t make it that quickly. (laughs)”

As one who is looking forward to this, as long as there is confirmation, I can wait!

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