Xbox Series X first unboxing video spotted

A month away before we officially hit day 1 of the new console generation and at least from this end of the world, it still feels surreal. While other territories already have their pre-orders secured, we’re still grasping at straws on when pre-orders are taking place. While we’ve yet to gain final word on when the release date is happening, other people are already unboxing the damn consoles.

Yep, a month early and for the Series X at least, some units are already ready to ship to stores. Maybe the PS5 is ready too, but proof first, and the Series X has just that.

A post by Daniel Ahmad show boxes upon boxes of Xbox Series X’s all piled up and ready to go, with Halo Infinite emblazoned on the rear part of the box, proving just how big the game is to Microsoft even with the unfortunate delay to 2021.

What’s better than boxes of Xboxes? An unboxing of a box of Xbox…

Alright, we’ll stop.

Aaaaanyways, a YouTube channel named Willy Crow has uploaded what seems to be the first actual unboxing of the next-gen console, and we’re pretty sure that by the time everybody gets to read this, the video may have been taken down already.

Official unboxing? Unofficial unboxing? More like illegal unboxing, but hey, “first!”, yeah?

The Xbox Series S and Series X will be releasing on November 10 for $299 and $499 respectively. No word yet on local pricing and availability.

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