DualSense Controller works natively on the PS3 and Nintendo Switch, but not on the PS4

As early as next week, some lucky gamers around the world will already get their hands on the next-gen consoles. While the consoles themselves will be on time for their worldwide launch schedule, accessories for these, particularly the PlayStation 5, have been shipped over to the public ahead of time.

Thanks to some of these gamers with idle hands, we now know more about the capabilities and limitations of the DualSense, mainly that it actually works on a Nintendo Switch and a PlayStation 3, but surprisingly not on a PlayStation 4. Weird, huh.

YouTuber MidnightMan, shows us how it’s done on a PS3, which is surprisingly pretty easy, since it natively connects to the system via a bluetooth connection. While the PS4 recognizes the controller as a bluetooth device, it does not allow for control once connected.

From Twitter, BrokenGamezHDR_ also tests it out on the Nintendo Switch and hey, what do you know, it works too! Only you’ll have to connect it via a bluetooth adapter, same as any other bluetooth controller out there.

While surely this isn’t such a big deal, as you’ll be purchasing your brand new DualSense to actually play games on the PS5, the controller itself is a solid and fantastic piece of tech, which is probably why people are testing it out to use on other devices. In fact, Austin Evans also tried to use it on xCloud and it worked great.

Next-gen is around the corner, and the hype is certainly real! Will you be getting a console at day 1? Let us know!

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