Ghost of Tsushima’s Jin Sakai Figma coming in 2021

Good Smile Company is no slouch when it comes to high quality and detailed figures of iconic characters. Previously, it was a Death Stranding’s Clifford Unger Figma and later on, we got a Nendoroid of Ellie from The Last of Us Part II. Ready to add a ‘Ghost’ to your collection?

The widely popular Ghost of Tsushima is getting its hero in Jin Sakai immortalized in a Figma that looks as good as the game, with intricate details throughout, making it a must buy for fans of the game.

This Figma of Jin will have him donning his iconic Ghost armor, fully upgraded with the various tools he gets in the game. The details are simply stunning, like the texture on the rope on his Grappling Hook and the sculpting on Jin’s Ghost mask. Smoke not included, but it does make for quite the dramatic effect!

More details here show how much work and care was done in making this Figma. Aside from the intricate designs on his Sakai family katana and tanto, the figure faithfully replicates Jin’s face right down to his facial hair and eyes.

Jin Sakai will come with a variety of accessories – from different hands to his signature swords, and even a bow and arrow. As is a standard for these figures, you’ll also get alternate head sculpts, whether you prefer a masked Jin for the complete Ghost of Tsushima look or a head with his face bare for all to see.

Pre-orders are now open for Figma Jin Sakai at around 10,000 Yen or around PHP 4,600 and will be released on August 2021. Local toy retailers like Big Boys and Hubbyte are now also accepting pre-orders too so if you’re on the hunt for this, better act fast because this is definitely something for all Ghost of Tsushima fans out there.

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