Claiming the PS Plus Collection on your PlayStation 5 for other accounts could reportedly get you banned

The next-gen consoles are finally out globally… well, at least 2 more weeks over at this side of the world, but some gamers who have been lucky enough to snag a highly coveted PlayStation 5 are reporting that they have been banned. The culprit? Claiming the PS Plus Collection for several other PS4 users, effectively giving them 20 free games for absolutely nothing in return.

According to VGC, several PSN accounts in Hong Kong, or at least using the HK R3 account, have been suspect of this and are receiving bans. While the PS4 accounts who are being “gifted” the collection are getting away with a petty ban of 2 months, the PS5 owners are not so lucky, as it seems their consoles are getting banned and unable to connect to PSN.

It seems isolated for now, and Sony has not issued any official statement regarding this, but it is logically unsafe to do such practice, so do so at your own risk.

The PS Plus Collection does indeed offer very tempting games such as Bloodborne, God of War, and Persona 5, but breaking the terms and conditions may not be worth the while.

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