Potential of a new stealth ninja game by Tenchu devs discussed in latest interview


The actual interview is now available and it seems that Takuma Endo was referring to a “Stealth Ninja Game” in general, and not Tenchu specifically.

You can check out the excerpt below:

Endo: “Actually there was another thing… We trademarked the Tenchu subtitle ‘Stealth Assassin.’”

—Oh! How did that come to happen?

Endo: “We only acquired it because the trademark for ‘Stealth Assassin’ expired, there isn’t some deep meaning behind it, but it was reported overseas and now people are wondering whether Acquire will make another Tenchu again.”

—Will you?

Endo: “It would be difficult to do right now…. But, if the possibility arises, I would like to make a stealth ninja game from the ground up for the PlayStation 5 generation. To lay the groundwork for that, we acquired this trademark, which is the game’s subtitle overseas.”


Ahh Tenchu, such a beloved classic from 1998. This stealth action-adventure title was a favorite from long ago and is certainly a series that could enjoy a remake or a remaster. If the developers are to be asked, they would certainly agree.

In the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, an interview with Acquire president Takuma Endo revealed some very interesting tidbits, saying that he would want to see a new Tenchu built from the ground up if the possibility arises.

Here are the notes from the interview, courtesy of Gematsu:

  • The “Stealth Assassin” trademark registered by Acquire in Japan back in August 2018 was only registered because it expired.
  • While it is currently difficult, Endo would like to create a new Tenchu from the ground up for the PlayStation 5 generation if the possibility arises. The “Stealth Assassin” trademark lays the groundwork.
  • Endo wants to launch an indies brand to release new and unique games in short time. This would be separate from Acquire’s main brand. Endo hopes to launch the new brand and its first title by the end of 2021. A screenshot of the first title was also published, which shows a battle-type game set on a small star with World of Final Fantasy-esque characters.
  • Gladiux is still in development.

With an influx of similarly-themed titles like Sekiro, Nioh, and Ghost of Tsushima, Tenchu would certainly be a welcome addition if the devs plan to bring the series back to life.

Would you want to see a new Tenchu game for the PS5 and Series X?

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