Black Myth: Wukong releases stunning new gameplay trailer to celebrate Chinese New Year

When Black Myth: Wukong first broke into the scene last year, it caught everyone by surprise because of its stunning gameplay and visuals that felt truly next-gen. Coming from a Chinese studio called Game Science, Black Myth seemed to be the next blockbuster hit. Months have passed since then and finally, a new gameplay trailer has been released, showcasing more of the fantastic elements of the game just in time to celebrate Chinese New Year.

This 3 minute trailer is quite the tease, as it was made specifically as a Chinese New Year greeting rather than represent actual story points in the game. Still, it looks like development for the game is flowing smoothly, and it is hopefully something we can see in the next year or so.

There’s not much to go on in terms of actual details of the game like a release date or any information of that sort, but one thing we’re certain about is that the game looks fantastic and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

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