Players have been reporting drifting issues with their DualSense controllers

No controller has been spared from the infamous drifting issue and now, players have been reporting issues with their new DualSense controllers as well. While the problem doesn’t appear to be widespread, it is equally as concerning just the same, especially being as pricy as it is.

Kotaku has compiled various reports of players experiencing drift issues of varying degrees. Some have reported getting it after just 10 days of owning the controller, while others are showing proof of drift while playing games like Immortals Fenyx Rising and Call of Duty. To be clear, this doesn’t seem to be a game-related issue, but more of a hardware problem.

dualsense controller

While some are facing problems under warranty, its tougher to get it repaired or replaced after the fact. In some local PlayStation Facebook groups, players have also been experiencing drift issues, but have sworn about it disappearing after they’ve charged the controller. It’s not a definitive solution by any means, but it’s good to know that players can still use the controller to some extent. Other players have tried a bunch of different methods like restarting their PS5, while a number of these have just sent them over to certain third party repair shops like PXP.

Both the Switch and Xbox have had varying degrees of controller drift as well, with the Switch Joy-Cons being the more widespread of the two.

Have your DualSense controllers been showing signs of drift or are you one of the lucky owners who have had no problems at all?

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