Fantasian will be launching in two parts, first part out sooner than you think

Mistwalker’s Diorama RPG Fantasian will be launched in two parts, according to a report by Famitsu. We recently saw Nobuo Uematsu’s music being showcased, and now we’re getting news that the upcoming 20-30 hour first half will be out at the earliest some time this month with speculation being as late as April 16. The second half will launch at the latter half of 2021.

Fans of Lost Odyssey will be in for a treat as scenes similar to the “Thousand Years of Dreams” will feature on Fantasian. For context, “Thousand Years of Dreams” are side stories where illustrative narration will animate alongside meditative piano played by Uematsu. Personally, I feel those are some of the best parts of Lost Odyssey and seeing it again in Fantasian will be a welcome addition.

For those curious with the story, Famitsu paraphrased it as the story of the adventurer Leo who is seeking information about his father Bernard who has gone missing searching of Death Balls (heh): white spheres that drain the souls of whoever it touches. This phenomenon is set to fully cover the world and has been sent by the evil god Vam.

Fantasian will release in two parts this year exclusive to Apple Arcade. It will be playable on the iPhone, Apple computer (Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, desktop), and the Apple TV.

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