Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade extended trailer reveals significant PS5 upgrades

We really can’t get enough of the upcoming PS5 release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade that we checked out the PlayStation Japan livestream for any new updates on the upcoming release. Although nothing new was really announced, we got ourselves a new extended trailer featuring three extra minutes of extended footage! Much of the information was the same, so you’re not really seeing anything new, but if you’re excited for the coming release for the PS5, you’ll enjoy this as much as we did.

Since we love the Japanese versions so much, check it out below:

Japanese trailer FTW

While one can argue that there’s a minimal difference between the graphics, what stands out is the lighting effects and the textures. That is because according to producer Yoshinori Kitase, they’ve hired lighting pros to punch up the lighting effects causing it to show a noticeable difference between the two versions. Also the fog effects are definitely much more noticeable, which makes Intergrade somewhat worthy of a replay for those who have already finished the game.

Otherwise, while we still don’t know the final price for actual Yuffie episode itself, worldwide audiences will get the upgrade for free while Japanese owners will have to pay 100 yen for the upgrade.

Here’s an English trailer for good measure.

Don’t worry English dub simps, we got you

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be out on June 10 exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

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