Pokemon GO devs Niantic have partnered with Nintendo to make a new Pikmin mobile app

Nintendo and Niantic are back at it again as a new AR (augmented reality) game about Pikmin, the companies have announced.

At the moment, a vague “later in 2021” is the only indication we have of when it will release, and this game will be the first in a series of games from this partnership that would bring Nintendo’s iconic characters to life.

More details about this Pikmin title and their other apps will come in the following months, says Niantic VP of product management Kei Kawai, so stay tuned.

Nintendo is seeing a surge in sales for the Nintendo Switch, which allows users to play their favorite games on the go, and this mobile game will leverage on that momentum, although it may be hard to imagine how it would work, assuming it is similar to Pokemon GO, especially with the pandemic still at large.

If you’re interested in testing out the Pikin game, you can sign up here through the Niantic website.

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