Returnal’s latest trailer teases a mysterious story fused with intense gameplay

After being delayed, Returnal looks like it is ready to land into our PS5’s and give us a taste of the trademark Housemarque action on April 30. Returnal is unlike anything they’ve ever done, and this roguelite shooter that is heavy on gameplay looks to be equally heavy on the story as well, as you can see with its latest trailer.

Check it out below:

What sets Returnal apart from similar games is its focus on the story, akin to something like Hades which shines the spotlight on not just its excellent gameplay but also on its characters. The trailer shows our protagonist, Selene, crash landing on the planet Atropos, and from there, gets a glimpse of her deceased body. How exactly that happens, we’ll have to find out, as we slowly peel away at the unfolding narrative throughout your attempts. Atropos is in constant flux, and your journey through the planet will allow you to uncover mysteries that add to the overall cinematic feel of the game.

We’re inexplicably hyped for this and if it stays true to the Housemarque DNA, we’re in for quite a treat.

Returnal is set to release on April 30 for the PlayStation 5.

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