Final Fantasy VII Intergrade has no more DLC planned, Episode Yuffie to contain new summons and materia

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is coming to PS5 consoles on June 10 and will be featuring our favorite materia thief, Yuffie Kisaragi, as an additional story DLC to the PS5 version of the game.

In an interview by Weekly Famitsu with Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura, new details were uncovered about Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, which was summarized quite well by Nibel.

You can see the full transcript of the interview below as sent over by a press release:

  • Please could you tell us about the design concepts for new character Sonon?

“As mentioned in his introduction, Sonon comes from Wutai and is working with Avalanche, which is why his character design has an oriental appearance with military style clothing and an armoured motif. I also came up with the idea to have him fight with a style of martial arts using a quarterstaff to balance with Yuffie’s style, and so I made his outfit look like it was easy to move around in. Originally he was designed with finer features for a softer “pretty boy” look, but I thought that him being paired with Yuffie would add a new dynamic that differed from what you got with Cloud or Vincent, so I changed him to the more masculine character you see now.”

  • There has also been a small reveal of the new battle system, with Yuffie and Sonon fighting together as a pair. We saw some team combo style attacks from them, so I would like to ask more about the concept for these battles. Also, what does the small icon to the left of the gauge mean?

“The player only controls Yuffie, so the system is set up to create an awareness of your ally fighting alongside you, as you manoeuvre around the battlefield, watching for combination opportunities with Sonon. You can also choose between two different control modes, one where Sonon acts independently and one where he follows Yuffie’s commands to act in unison with what she is doing. The little icon represents that you can push L2 to switch between combo modes.”

  • Are there any additional new materia and summons?

“There are new materia and summons just for the episode featuring Yuffie.”

  • Are there any future DLC plans?

Due to the nature of the upgrade system, it resulted in us having to label the new Yuffie sections as “DLC”. However, the original intent was to create a PS5 version of FFVII REMAKE and not to produce DLC. Accordingly, we do not have any plans for DLC at this time. Sorting out the development environment on PS5 for FFVII REMAKE INTERGRADE, meant that moving on to developing the sequel was much smoother. We are now prioritizing the roadmap for completing the next game, so if we do need to think about more DLC then it will probably come
after that is finished.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be available for the PlayStation 5 on June 10.

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