FFVII Remake and Alan Wake Remastered could be headed to the Epic Games Store

Final Fantasy VII Remake and Alan Wake, two games which seemingly have nothing in common, are now in the spotlight for the simple fact that they may both see a PC release soon via the Epic Games Store.

According to resident Twitter deals guy Wario64, a couple of listings on the backend have been spotted by EpicData, which is a website that tracks updates to the Epic Games Store database, and seemingly refers to these games being added. These titles are hidden under the code name “Pineapple” and “Heron”, which shouldn’t really mean anything by themselves, but when checked in their “CloudSaveFolder” directories, reveal FFVII Remake and Alan Wake Remastered.

Final Fantasy VII Remake ended its exclusivity date last April, but have not fully announced yet if it will be headed to other platforms. Could this mean that a possible release for the PC and maybe Xbox is on the horizon soon? Intergrade, which contains the Yuffie DLC, on the other hand, seems to have renewed exclusivity for at least 6 more months.

Alan Wake is a more interesting prospect, since it was quite the fantastic game that unfortunately never saw the light of day again, so it would be quite the exciting announcement if these database entries prove to be worth something.

As with anything that has no official announcement, it would be wise to take this news bit with a grain of salt, but it is certainly tough not to get excited for it, as these are both great titles that will surely be enjoyed by PC gamers.

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