Filipino Indie Dev Chikon Club showcases debut game ‘Soup Pot’

Chikon Club is no stranger to double entendres with their short game ‘Putahe ng Ina mo Sinigang Edition‘, catching the attention of local publications. Dubbed as the “dark souls of cooking games” by the “internetz”, their quirky and wacky humor finds their way into their cooking sims.

Soup Pot, their newest title to be announced during the Xbox Indies showcase, offers the same quirky and wacky humor, showcasing Filipino cuisine worldwide through the Xbox platform.

Interviewed by Steve Saylor during the livestream, Chikon Club devs Trina and Gwen describe traditional Asian cooking as “a skill that’s inherited from our ancestors” and with it the ingredients aren’t measured exactly but instead estimated by eyeballing it or through muscle memory.

Soup Pot features 100 different recipes to cook incorporating different ingredients either sourced organically or bought from a supermarket. Whether or not you’re a beginner or a seasoned cook, they’re assuring that the kitchen is a welcoming place where you’re free to experiment, improvise, and even drop ingredients to the floor as long as you follow the five second rule, it can still be good to toss into the pan.

You can also interact with the virtual social media food app where you can build an audience and share your dishes. You could also interact with the comments section and read reactions made by your peers. One thing that caught my attention in the interview was you could deal with your annoying karaoke singing neighbors by throwing food at them as well. Make sure they’re singing Sinatra’s My Way when you do, it’s a good non-lethal option.

Soup Pot is coming soon to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, Chikon Club is hoping to have it ready by August 31st.

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