Neo: The World Ends with You scheduled for a July release for the PS4 and Switch

Initially announced late last year, Square Enix have confirmed that Neo: The World Ends with You, will be releasing on the PS4 and Switch on July 27, and for PC via Epic Games later in the Summer.

A 3 minute release date announcement trailer has been shared, which shows a bit of exploration and gameplay as well as the characters of the game like Rindo, Fret, Nagi, and Minamimoto. Gameplay elements such as pins will be making a return.

The long-awaited follow-up to the RPG classic The World Ends with You which was released on 2007, follows protagonist, Rindo, as he explores the heart of Tokyo to uncover the mysteries behind the sinister “Reapers’ Game,” a life-or-death battle for survival in which he has been forced to take part.

Preorder bonuses have also been revealed:

PS4 Digital Preorder Bonus

Players who preorder will get an Avatar set for their profiles.

Switch and PS4 Early Purchase

Players who purchase early will get the Legendary Threads Set which is described as “This gear set contains five equippable items once used by the legendary Neku. These items are normally unavailable until you proceed considerably far in the story, so they will give you a leg up in the early days of the Game, and provide you with powerful unlockable abilities that will serve you well until the very end!”

The Legendary Threads set includes:

  • Legendary Headphones – Drastically increases item drop rates from enemies.
  • Legendary Off Turtle Neck – Ability: Significantly increases damage dealt by attacks.
  • Legendary Shorts – Ability: Shortens down time.
  • Legendary Sneakers – Ability: Increases movement speed in battle.
  • Legendary Audio Player – Ability: Hugely increases HP.

Physical Version Bonus

Physical copies will come with Reaper’s Game Survival Set, while supplies last, and is described as “This set provides two items selected to help you survive the deadly Reapers’ Game by increasing your HP and allowing you to heal up mid-fight. Also includes an arrangement of “Twister” that’s sure to get you revved up and ready for combat!”

The Reaper’s Game Survival Set includes:

  • “Mutation” (Badge) – Effect: Gradually restores Team HP while holding the button.
  • “Koumokuten” (Fashion Item) – Ability: Significantly increases HP.
  • “Twister -NEO MIX-” (CD) – Effect: Can set the background music of the menu screen to “Twister -NEO MIX-.”

Neo: The World Ends with You is scheduled to release on July 27, 2021 for the PS4 and Switch, with PC following in the Summer.

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