Sucker Punch job listing suggests their next project is a multiplayer game

After the blockbuster that is Ghost of Tsushima, it seems that Sucker Punch is immediately diving into a new project that looks to be a multiplayer game, a recent job listing suggests.

The company is looking for a Multiplayer / Network Programmer, and while the job title says it all, the description also says that “you’ll be pivotal in bringing that creativity to life in a spectacular multiplayer game.” If Ghost of Tsushima: Legends was any indication, Sucker Punch sure knows their stuff and this next project will be something to look out for.

There aren’t any specific details yet, whether the game will be connected to Ghost of Tsushima or not, so it’s possible that it is still in the early stages. An official announcement will be made by the company once everything is in order.

Would you play a multiplayer game from Sucker Punch?

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