State of Play features 14 minutes of gameplay for Horizon Forbidden West

A year after the release of the Horizon Forbidden West teaser trailer, the recently concluded State of Play shows an impressive and brand new gameplay deep dive captured on a PlayStation 5. Unfortunately there is no release date yet as we were hoping for, but it’s truly great news that we received a taste of what there is to come.

Fourteen minutes of gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West has been revealed, showing much of what has changed from Horizon Zero Dawn. Storywise, we follow Aloy as she tracks the raiders from the Tenakth tribe responsible for ambushing Erend’s scouting party. First, much of Aloy’s interactions with the machines are against controlled machines of the raiders. Machines in the last game have usually been wild and newer models of machines are in play such as the Tremortusks, the Clawstriders, and Sunwings in the air. Familiar machines such as the Snapmaws will show a new form when encountered underwater, as well as Burrowers. Many of these machines are able to be overridden as well just like the first game.

Different methods of aerial traversal are in full display such as the shield glider and usage of the pullcaster for fast traversal through trees, yet subtly showing the focus scan showing climbable areas. Underwater mechanics are on full display as well, which allows for unlimited traversal underwater using the diving mask. New stealth and direct combat mechanics make for fluid combat. There are even moments of cool animations when Aloy changes spear attributes, and even allows for new moves such as the spear throw.

horizon forbidden west screenshot 1

The highlight of the preview is a battle with the Tremortusk, showing improvements in combat and weapon switching using the weapon wheel. Different weapons are up for a showcase including adhesive grenades, smoke bombs, and explosive spikes.

If only we could connect with our PS5 to get a feel for the Dualsense controls…

Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled on the second half of 2021 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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