5 Horizon Forbidden West Locations we know of so far

Earlier today, Sony went live with a State of Play focused on Horizon Forbidden West, showcasing 14 minutes of impressive gameplay. The stream went live 5 hours prior to the main event, showing off some of the landscapes that Aloy will be able to traverse in her journey. While all this was happening, Guerrilla Games went ahead and provided an overview of these places that will appear in the game.

At the moment, there’s no confirmation yet if there are other locales in the game, but the information provided and the gameplay reveal should prove to be enough to tide us until its release.

*All location descriptions courtesy of Guerrilla Games Twitter Account

Horizon Forbidden West Locations

Salt Bite

horizon forbidden west locations salt bite

The Desert Tenakth village of Salt Bite rests on the shores of the acrid lake that shares its name. Birds that nest in its brackish outskirts provide much-needed food supplies for the clan’s larger southern settlements, Arrowhand and Scalding Spear.

Sheerside Mountain

horizon forbidden west locations sheerside mountain

The Sky Clan of the Tenakth lives among the Sheerside Mountains, guarding their territory from intruders. Their defenses are said to be impregnable against man and machine, and no force can march upon their settlements without being observed from above.


horizon forbidden west locations raintrace

The Lowland Clan of the Tenakth makes its home in the swamps and jungles of the Raintrace. They excel at tricks and traps, blending into the jungle unseen, then relying on machines lurking in the marshes to thin out their foes.

The Valley of the Fallen

horizon forbidden west locations the valley of the fallen

This dangerous cove holds great significance for the Lowland Tenakth clan. If a soldier can last ten days and ten nights against the machines that dwell here, the deed will be marked in ink upon their skin – an honor few survive to receive.

Tide’s Reach

horizon forbidden west locations tides reach

The settlement of Tide’s Reach grants the Lowland Tenakth a view of the Long Coast, ensuring no raiders tread upon its sands unseen. Across the water is the ancient Isle of Spires, but the roiling currents of the bay prevent safe passage to its shores.

If you want to check out the full livestream, including the pre-show that showcases the various locations in Horizon Forbidden West,

Horizon Forbidden West will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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