2K Games and Gearbox set to announce a ‘new adventure’ during Summer Game Fest

2K Games and Gearbox will be announcing a new game during Summer Game Fest 2021 Kickoff Live scheduled on June 10, and it seems that people already know what it is based on the leaks that have been happening over the past week.

Summer Game Fest host Geoff Keighley posted an official teaser, which shows a “new adventure” coming from the 2 companies with the teaser website BeChaoticGreat.com.

According to resident Twitter deals guy Wario64, the CSS code of the teaser website contains various references of the word “Wonderlands”, giving users reason to believe that the upcoming game will be the rumored Borderlands spin-off featuring Tiny Tina, tentatively named Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Late last week, an information leak about 2K’s future plans revealed a bunch of info, from a Marvel XCOM game to the Borderlands spin-off in question. Various media insiders including Jason Schreier and Jeff Grubb have confirmed the leak to be true.

Are you looking forward to this game?

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