2K Games leak reveals an upcoming Marvel XCOM game

Marvel XCOM sure does have a nice ring to it.
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A huge leak about 2K games’ future plans has just been leaked on Reddit by u/swine_flu_greg/, which points to a number of details concerning titles like NBA 2K22. The biggest item on the list though, is an alleged new game from 2 unlikely companies – Marvel and Firaxis, the developers behind XCOM, which is described as “XCOM” with Marvel heroes.

Whether all of it or just some of it is true remains to be seen, but here’s a quick recap of the full leak:

  • NBA 2K22 – Dallas Mavericks Legend Dirk Nowitzki will be on the cover of one of the variants.
  • Borderlands (Codename Daffodil) – There will be a Borderlands spin-off title featuring Tiny Tina. Gearbox has apparently trademarked the name “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands” and will have gameplay similar to Borderlands.
  • Firaxis (Codename CODA) – New Marvel XCOM game with some famous voice actors. It is said that we can expect some of the more famous personalities like Iron Man and Wolverine.
  • New game (Codename Volt) – Action game in early development, described as “Cthulhu meets Saints Row”, which will be developed by Hanger13, the same guys behind the recent Mafia Definitive Edition.

While everybody can dismiss this 2K Games leak as another fake report, industry insiders Jason Schreier and Jeff Grubb have both confirmed that this is true. Grubb goes on to say that not just one, but all of it is true, despite the leaker saying to take the report with a truckload of salt.

Does any part of the leak sound interesting to you, given it was true? Let’s just hope that it is better than Marvel’s Avengers.


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