Frostpunk is free on the Epic Games Store

As part of its weekly giveaway, Frostpunk is now the latest game to be had for free from the Epic Games Store!

To redeem the game, simply head on over to this link and claim the free offer. It’s as simple as that! All you need is to register for a free account (if you haven’t yet) and you’re good to go.

The game will be free to redeem on the Epic Games Store from now until June 10 at 11PM, where a new mystery game will take its place. Prior to this, Among Us was the free game given away along with some other big titles like NBA 2K21 previously.

Frostpunk is a society survival game where heat means life and every decision comes at a price. In an entirely frozen world, people develop steam-powered technology to oppose the overwhelming cold. You face the task of building the last city on Earth and securing the means necessary for your community to survive.

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