A Plague Tale Innocence optimized for PS5 and Xbox Series coming on July 6

A Plague Tale Requiem got a lot of hype during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, scheduled for 2022. It’s a follow up to one of the more underrated games that released during the previous generation, a favorite actually of one of my colleagues here.

During the Xbox extended showcase, they revealed that its predecessor, A Plague Tale Innocence, will launch with an enhanced version for the Xbox Series. It is also confirmed that this enhanced version will also be coming to the PlayStation 5, featuring a host of upgrades like 4K 60fps, and we’re expecting it to have faster loading times as well to take advantage of the new hardware. Owners of the last-gen version will be getting a free upgrade, so replaying the game is definitely in order.

It’s curious that July 6 is also the first Tuesday of July, should we hope for a PS Plus free reveal? Some users at Resetera think this is the case, and it could be the part of the PS+ offering for July, so let’s see if it holds true.

A Plague Tale Innocence is releasing on July 6 for Xbox Series and PS5.

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