Kena: Bridge of Spirits and 12 Minutes highlight enigmatic indie games on the Tribeca Games Spotlight

Out of the different indie game presentations this year, Summer Game Fest’s Tribeca Games Spotlight is probably my favorite in terms of the slate and range of games presented. I’m usually underwhelmed with the onslaught of many games presented on big events, but during the Tribeca Games Spotlight, I was tickled and even drawn to the imaginative concepts presented.

From the eerie retropunk aesthetic of Signalis, to the intriguing southern gothic pixel art of Norco, the ethereal exploration shown in Sable, and the quirky charms of The Big Con, Lost in Random and Harold Halibut – I’m drawn to these worlds spun by these fantastic creators. There are many high profile publishers on this spotlight as well such as the much anticipated Kena: Bridge of Spirits and 12 Minutes that presents new gameplay footage. As an Indie game fan, I’m awed at this selection.

It is not as overwhelming as other game presentations, and it gives enough spotlight to each of the official selections and leaves your appetite whetted for more.

Here is the recap of the spotlight here:


Kena Bridge of Spirits


Harold Halibut


Lost in Random

12 Minutes

The Big Con

What’s fantastic with this presentation is that on the Tribeca Games Spotlight website, you can book a demo trial of these games. You can set up your controller and take your time to experience these games for yourself using the Parsec app. As referenced above, it is currently my favorite presentation this month so far.

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