Check out 9 minutes of intense Deathloop action for the PlayStation 5

As shown in today’s State of Play livestream, Deathloop featured a 9 minute deep dive on some exhilarating gameplay. The game features the signature style that we’ve come to expect from Arkane, who have dazzled us before with the likes of Dishonored.

While many trailers have already been revealed for the game, this deep dive makes it the best one yet, and if you aren’t already sold, this should seal the deal.

While you spend replaying the same day, you’re able to learn more about your targets and find the best way to complete the mission. Know that if you die or fail to kill the target, you will restart the loop again. However, with every death, you learn new skills such as rewinding time before the loop restarts. Residium is the currency being used in this game to “save” equipment, power, and weapons that you can carry over to a new loop.

As usual, the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers expand on the immersion for Deathloop. In the trailer, we’re treated to seeing how Cole targets and vanquishes “The Wolf”, one of his of his targets. Also, when facing off against Julianna, who can be controlled by another player or the AI, it adds to the challenge of the normal hunt. There’s more to be discovered, and we can’t wait to actually play this game.

Deathloop launches on September 14 for the PlayStation 5.

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