Diablo IV will feature fully customizable characters for the first time in the series

If you’ve been a long time Diablo player, one thing about the series is that you’ll always choose a character that you can’t customize. As you pick up weapons and armor, your look will change, but your base character is the same as a million others playing the game. Diablo IV looks to change all that, as the game will finally allow character customization that will put the power in the hands of the player.

According to a Quarterly Update post by Blizzard, lead character artist Arnaud Kotelnikoff says that “Diablo IV has more in-depth customization for your characters than we’ve had in any previous Diablo games. You will be able to change the face of your character, the hairstyle, the facial hair (beards and eyebrows), and add jewelry (nose piercing or earrings), makeup, and body markings such as tattoos or body paint. You will also be able to change the color values of your character’s skin, eyes, hair/facial hair, and body markings. Some elements will be class specific, to support the classes’ unique backgrounds, but many will be shared between classes allowing more possibilities to mix and match.”

Blizzard shared a few examples, and we’re not quite sure yet how robust the character creation feature will be, but this is certainly something that fans of the game should look forward to.

diablo iv character customization

The Diablo IV team have made great leaps in detail, also thanks to the technology and hardware they can work with, but they will still be grounding the designs in reality.

A dye system will also be implemented in Diablo IV, and Kotelnikoff says that “Each part of the armor can be dyed, including the helmet, chest, gloves, legs, and boots. You can dye each piece with a different color palette if you choose, or apply the same palette to all of them.” This only encourages more customization from players, having them choose and apply their own personal touches to their characters.

Overall, it looks like Diablo IV will be making great strides in the overall look and feel of the game. Everything is much more detailed, much more customizable, and hopefully a much better game because of it when it releases.

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