Jeopardy’s latest episode featured PlayStation 5 related answers

Despite legendary host Alex Trebek not being a part of the show anymore due to him passing away late last year, Jeopardy is still going strong, treating fans to more questions and answers in season 37. In its latest episode that aired earlier today, gamers were treated to a category that would fall right in their topic of interest.

As posted on the PlayStation Twitter Account, a category called “Gamer’s Delight” can be seen and most of the answers that compose of the category all come from PlayStation.

They’re rather easy if you’re familiar with the brand and its newly released PlayStation 5, so gamers would have no problems answering these.

Check it out below, as narrated by Actor and Stand Up comedian, JD Witherspoon:

We’re assuming you got to answer all of them correctly? In case you want to watch the whole segment, you can view it below:

Now, all those questions are really easy, but here’s a tough one for you – Why can’t I find a PlayStation 5 for $1000.

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