Leak of 38 confirmed games for the PS5 from the Official PlayStation Magazine

June 3 is a date that is etched into every PlayStation 5 fan right now as a rumored event that will showcase next gen titles and maybe even a peek at the console itself might be happening on that day.

Just in case that isn’t true at all, then we have at least some semblance of PS5 news in the form of 38 games coming to the PS5 as per the upcoming issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine.

Leaks from the pages of the magazine show quite a hefty list of games, from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to Scarlet Nexus and even Battlefield 6 as well as Watch Dogs Legion.

You may have to squint a little, but take a peek at the images below, courtesy of PlayStation Lifestyle:

If you want a peek at the full issue, you can check it out via THIS LINK, the PS5 game list should be at page 28-29. If the image is a bit hard to read, then we’ve made a handy list below!

Intestingly, missing from the list are first party titles, which Sony may be keeping really close to their chest for now. If this OPM issue is any indication, and the timing seems to indicate so seeing as this issue will release on June 2, then that rumored event may not be a rumor after all.

A week to go, ladies and gents.

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