Evo 2021 won’t allow players using certain ISP’s to participate in the tournament

Evo 2021 kicks off this weekend, and things are already heating up as some of the best competitors around the world take a shot at glory. Some players though, depending on the ISP being used since it is an online tournament, won’t even get a chance.

A Facebook post by the Tekken Philippines fanpage reports that if users from the Philippines want to take part in Evo 2021, then Globe, Converge, and Sky ISP users are not allowed, leaving only a few other options left such as PLDT. This comes by way of the official Evo 2021 Discord server, where the moderators posted the notice earlier today.

The Tekken Philippines fanpage also mentions that the rule seems to be in place for all participating titles and not just Tekken. As per the official rules of Evo 2021, it states that “Due to unstable match connectivity, some internet service providers (“ISPs”) cannot be used for Tournament play. Subject to change. Check with appropriate Discord of applicable Region for details.”


In a screenshot seen within the thread, a member of the server inquired as to why Converge is banned for Evo, and a staff member named Tyler Hack answered that the decision was due to “consistent connection issues during prior online tournaments.” When asked about Globe, the answer was the same.

evo 2021 bans globe sky converge

Due to the pandemic, once jampacked events like Evo have now been relegated to an online tournament, hence possible measures such as banning ISP’s have been put in place to avoid issues during the event.

Evo 2021 Online takes place on August 6 – 8 and August 13 – 15. Tekken 7, Street Fighter V Champion Edition, Guilty Gear Strive, Skullgirls 2nd Encore, and Mortal Kombat Ultimate will form the list of participating titles for this year’s prestigious tournament.

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