Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3 Update Coming on August 30

HoYoverse has announced that Honkai Star Rail’s Version 1.3 “Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins” update will arrive on August 30.

The latest Honkai Star Rail update will bring a brand-new area, Exalting Sanctum’s previously bustling commercial hub “Aurum Alley,”, a Simulated Universe major update, as well as the highly anticipated characters Dan Heng, Fuxuan, and Lynx into the game.

Furthermore, the Honkai Star Rail Trailblaze Power cap will be enhanced, allowing players to store surplus power, leading to more thrilling adventures and challenges.


Dan Heng will join the playable cast of Honkai Star Rail as a five-star Imaginary-Type character following the Path of Destruction. “Imbibitor Lunae,” the title passed down as part of the Vidyadhara high elder succession, once belonged to Dan Heng’s previous incarnation, Dan Feng — a member of the High-Cloud Quintet, who performed heroic deeds for Xianzhou during wartime but tragically misused his power, leading to a catastrophic calamity.

On the battlefield, Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae displays a unique specialty by consuming multiple Skill Points to unleash powerful abilities. Players can use this feature to enhance his basic attack up to three consecutive times. Depending on the number of enhancements triggered, the basic attacks will transform into different forms.

Furthermore, when unleashing the Ultimate, Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae deals Imaginary damage to a single target and adjacent enemies, while also receiving a fixed amount of Squama Sacrosancta to offset the consumption of Skill Points.


Another highly-anticipated Honkai Star Rail character from Xianzhou Luofu, Fu Xuan, will also make her debut on the playable roster. Possessing the mysterious omniscia on her forehead, an instrument enabling her to calculate every move in advance, Fu Xuan stands as a Quantum-Type five-star character following the Path of Preservation.

In combat, Fuxuan’s skillsets bestow a variety of effects, such as damage reduction and health point reversal via her Talent, absorbing damage for her allies via Skill, and unleashing Quantum damage upon all enemies via her Ultimate. As an ambitious woman who gets her sights set on generalship, her personality and battle style are different from Jing Yuan’s, but being a defensive backbone for her team is equally respectable.


Players will also be able to recruit Lynx, an endearing character from the noble Landau family. She is a four-star character with an innate fascination for the outside world. Her fondness for venturing alone into the treacherous Snow Plains has provided ample opportunity to hone her wilderness survival skills.

During combat, as a Quantum-Type character following the Path of Abundance, Lynx brings a versatile array of healing abilities to her team, letting everyone breathe a little easier during the intergalactic journey.


Honkai Star Rail will also be launching on the PS5 in Q4 2023, bringing with it cross-save and cross-play functionality.

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