Final Fantasy IX reimagined as an anime looks freaking amazing

Final Fantasy IX is held in high regard by a lot of franchise fans, with some even calling it the best game in the series. There’s no doubt that Final Fantasy IX has had its share of fanart throughout the years, but recent artwork being shared over social media has fans excited and amazed.

A couple of Twitter posts shared by @nanana_2s (Pixiv page here) has been making the rounds, with her anime rendition of the cast of characters from Final Fantasy IX looking perfect that some fans are actually asking Square Enix to make this official.

We get to see fantastic versions of the memorable cast like Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, Eiko, Steiner, Kuja, and even a personal favorite in Beatrix. The only thing missing now are the opening and ending themes!

Peep the artwork below:

Back in June, it was announced that a Final Fantasy IX animated series is in the works and will be aimed at the 8-13-year-old age group. This fanart may not represent the final product of the said animated series, but it would certainly be a nice “what if?” considering these look absolutely gorgeous.

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