Project Eve developer CEO gifts all of his employees with a PS5

During the recently concluded PlayStation Showcase, an impressive trailer was shown for Project Eve, a game developed by Korean-based Shift Up. The trailer was positively received by gamers, being viewed nearly 950,000 times already and garnering over 37,000 likes.

To celebrate the success, Shift Up CEO Hyung-Tae Kim went on a shopping spree, purchasing 260 PS5 units to give to each staff member so that they can play Project Eve when it comes out.

Shared by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, you can see a photo being shared with multiple PlayStation 5 units on the chairs of the employees. When asked how they managed to get so much when the system is practically sold out everywhere, Ahmad mentions that “he just had his game shown at a major PlayStation conference. Probably wouldn’t be too hard to secure 260 units.”

It isn’t quite new to see things like this happen as a celebration for gaming companies. Early this year, miHoYo had quite the haul as well, raffling off a literal wall of PlayStation 5’s (among other things) to its employees for Genshin Impact’s success.

Now only if we can get these current-gen consoles into the hands of everyone who wants one!

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