Cosplayers might find this detail about Tifa’s proportions helpful

Final Fantasy VII Remake was not only a fantastic game, but also one that was very well designed, even down to the cast of characters. One such character that turned a lot of heads was Tifa, for a lot of reasons but mostly of how aesthetically pleasing she is. With the impending release of the the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania book in Japan, which is meant to be an ultimate resource about the game, many details are being leaked over the internet and one of those details would be on the topic of Tifa’s proportions.

According to Twitter user Aitaikimochi, Tifa’s bra size is a G70, which, when converted, is 32″ DDD.

Triple D.

Coming from the Ultimania book itself, it is official. Hey, don’t ask me, that’s what the book says.

The image of the said page containing the detail can also be seen below:

Some cosplayers around the world not only strive to accurately convey the looks of their cosplayed character through the clothes but also through their physique, so this could be quite a “good” detail to know about Tifa.

I mean, just in case you were wondering, right?

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