Final Fantasy VII Remake voice actress Briana White shares her perfect cosplay of Aerith

Team Aerith, raise your hands!
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Final Fantasy VII Remake has been a very bright spot for everyone this year. It’s a fantastic game with a supremely talented and star-studded voice cast. One of them is actress and content creator Briana White.

Briana is well known for voicing our favorite flower girl from the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Aerith Gainsborough, and she does a spectacular job at it! Not only that, but she had been streaming the game to the delight of many of her fans on her very own Youtube channel, Strange Rebel Gaming, where you can also view her other content.

Briana has definitely gained a lot of fans for this iconic portrayal, but she’s not done just yet! What’s better than voicing an iconic Final Fantasy character? Being that character of course!

Briana recently cosplayed her character to full effect, complete with props and styling, with pictures taken by Martin Wong, a well known and very talented photographer. The result? She absolutely nails the cosplay that would make even the Square Enix staff proud.

You have to hand it to Briana White capturing the Aerith look with these stunningly beautiful photos. Not only can she say that she sounds like Aerith but she can also say that she looks like her as well! But don’t fall in love with her like she warned Cloud, alright?


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